It’s been over two years since I’ve posted anything at all, or even logged in. Have I been busy? Sort of. Does it matter? Certainly not. But after reading the article “Top 10 Bands On The Come Up” I couldn’t hold back any longer.

From the very minuscule amount of research I’ve done, and by minuscule I mean inferring and making assumptions based on the one article I’ve read, is a Seattle based music “magazine” that has its fingers on the pulse.

With a hot crop of twentysomething scenesters gracing their roster they are ready, willing, able, and most of all qualified to let us all know which Seattle bands are important, and by the simple and effortless act of omission, which ones are not.

Topping this very well researched and gruelingly thought out article is none other that the Seattle area’s own Thunderpussy.

If you’re like me you’ve read the name and thought, “Now there’s a band that is most likely poignant and will stand the test of time!”

But don’t be so quick to judge. Or do. As I did.

Now I haven’t listened to Thunderpussy, but based on their name and their press kit photographs I have assumed that they sound like a combination of 90s AC/DC, Sleater-Kinney, and whatever band is opening this week at the local all-ages show.

And maybe I’m wrong. Maybe they’re the next Led Zeppelin, or the Beatles of the millennial generation. Maybe they will replace Radiohead as the most creative and progressive group of musicians in the world. Who knows? Certainly not me as I will never willfully listen to Thunderpussy.

But whatever your take on their name it cannot be said that they are not getting their fair share of hype and praise from the Seattle music press. Even Trent Moorman, a staff writer for the The Stranger, the dominant Seattle weekly rag, who has also written for Rolling Stone, Vice, Tape Op, and even the prestigious Thresholds Quarterly; a man who once suggested to Les Claypool that Primus should concentrate their efforts on a scratch and sniff project; the bold writer that posed the tough question of “What do you think of Miley Cyrus?” to Flaming Lips front man Wayne Coyne had this to say of Thunderpussy, “They tie you to a stool there and whip the piccolo flute right out of your mouth.”


Wham bam thank you, sir. Stand aside Lester Bangs. Doctor Moorman has your rock prescription and it is a heavy dose of Thunderpussy. Take it to excess and don’t call me in the morning.

While it’s too late to catch them at the Showbox opening for Reignwolf for $30 at the door, I’m sure they’ll be playing somewhere soon. Possibly the Key Arena opening for Modest Mouse who, according to myspace, has a new album out featuring the hit single “Lampshades On Fire”.

I have seen a lot of pop culture come and go. I have seen low-waisted jeans swapped out in favor of very high-waisted jeans. I have seen hipsters grow beards and dress like Tom Sawyer. I have seen masses of people shower the praise of “artistic genius” upon Lady Gaga. But never have I witnessed such a monumental cultural high point as the rise of Thunderpussy. Look out world. It can no longer be said that the “Y” generation has no one to speak for them.


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