We are all in Politics. You and I. Whether you like it or not you are a politician. Any time you do anything or say anything to anybody you are not only representing yourself, but anyone or any institution you are affiliated with. The level at which one is a politician varies on a large scale from person to person, but it does not change the harsh reality of the situation. For example, a man… let’s say a white man in his mid forties… who is running for political office… let’s say Washington State Representative 22nd District on the Democratic ticket… is considerably more involved with politics than, say, a crazy homeless man who is asking you for a cigarette. You might think that the homeless man is not involved in politics at all. Without having all the facts you might be inclined to think that the homeless man is not a politician, but you would be wrong. He asking you for that cigarette is a political move. By asking you for a cigarette he is representing all homeless people. He is representing that the homeless community wants your cigarettes and it will shape your opinion and affect your attitude, one way or the other, about homeless people for the rest of your life. Politics.

That being said the white man in his forties running for Washington State Representative 22nd District on the Democratic Ticket is probably a lot more conscious of his status as a politician. He likely will be extremely cautious about what he says to anybody for a long time knowing that one slip of the tongue can not only lose him a vote, but many votes and possibly the elected position he covets. That is why his website will not really say anything about him that isn’t a vague description of some weird standard of expectations that people seem to have about career politicians. He will use phrases like “A leader who will make tough choices”, “An educator who will fight for our schools”, and “A father who shares our values.”

None of those phrases actually mean anything at all. They are as empty and hollow as American politics itself. There are certain words and phrases that have been so incorrectly used for so long that their meaning has become completely and utterly destroyed. Here are a few examples:

New and Improved
Save Money

The list can go on and on. All of these words had meaning once, and in the proper context still can, but by using any of them in this day and age you are running the extremely high risk/low yield gamble of sounding like a complete shithead.

That is why, in a nutshell, I will never vote for Chris Reykdal.

About a week or so a leaflet of his showed up in my living room. It had those very phrases on it along with a few pictures of him shaking someone’s hand and talking on the phone, but it didn’t say anything anywhere about any stance or position he has (or probably doesn’t).

I propose this to you, Chris Reykdal:

If, indeed, you are willing to fight for our schools, I will arrange it. I will take care of everything. I will find a suitable venue, a referee, and an opponent in your weight class. We will charge $100-1000 per person and all of the proceeds will go DIRECTLY to the 22nd District of Washington’s public schools. We should have no problem filling any venue to capacity for such an event. I also propose that if you do not accept this challenge that you are a coward and a hypocrite and you not only do not deserve to represent the 22nd District of Washington State in the House of Representatives, but that you don’t deserve whatever paper pushing job you now have. If, however, you mean what you say, and you accept this very reasonable challenge, you will not only have my vote, but my unconditional support for the upcoming election. I will volunteer my time and energies to actively campaign for you. If you literally fight for our schools I WILL NOT REST until you are the National Representative for the 22nd District of the great state of Washington.

Chris Reykdal, the ball is in your court.


Wylie VanWenger
Registered Voter


2 thoughts on “Bad Politics

  1. Wylie,

    Cowardly and empty words. You are right these types of words are destructive. So easily employed in a world of zero responsibility. My question is this. Did you take the time to do your research? did you explore more about Chris Reykdal before you blasted him? Did you visit his website and explore all of the blogs and information made available?


    Were you lazy? did you not take the steps to educate your self as a voter? The flyer that you received is not intended to inform you about everything a candidate stands for. Its designed to get you to explore and learn more. The website is clearly posted and can also be found with a simple Google search. You clearly have internet access, do your research. Did you contact Chris and ask him questions? I have talked personally with Chris, and I can find all of his contact info on his website. I believe you to be a lazy coward that looks not to be educated, but rather to rant from a position of ignorance.

    If you are so sure of your ability to put together a public forum, THAN DO IT! find a location, invite the media, invite candidates, invite community members, and make it happen. Apparently you are such a local political demagogue that you can do all of this with a simple snap of your fingers. It is clear that you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

    I Challenge YOU to prove me wrong. Build a public forum, bill it as a fund raiser, and invite all the candidates to come and defend them selves. I know for a fact that you won’t. You will produce nothing because you are clearly ignorant, lazy, and uninformed.

    I would think that you would be impressed that a candidate took the time to visit your home and try and connect with you. There are 7 other candidates in this race. Do you know who they are? did they take the time to visit your home in the hopes of talking with you directly? In this particular race there are candidates that are working hard, and those that are not. You sir, are blasting a candidate for doing nothing more than working hard to connect with you as a voter.

    I hope this message enrages you, I hope that you are motivated to build a public forum. I promise to attend, if it happens.

    Jason Moulton

    1. I’m not talking about a public forum Jason, I’m talking about a fight. Fisticuffs. In the Ring. I will arrange that if Chris accepts. But you’re right about me not doing research. I did only skim the surface of Chris’ campaign, but I smell a rat and that sense is one thing I’ve learned to trust over the years. At least I trust it a lot more that I trust the empty buzzwords that are the foundation of your buddy’s campaign. The offer stands.

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