With regards to your policy:

I just spent two hours writing my “story” for my profile page only to find out after I was done that I’m being censored.

I went back and took out all the “swear words” and I still had to submit the thing for review.

What the fuck?

What’s wrong with you people? I can’t say shit? I can’t give a factual account of what happened? This is a site for full-grown adults, not some kids show on the Disney channel. Besides that, as I’m typing there a flashing ad for “Sexy Singles in my Area” with ridiculous pictures of photoshopped model whores that might as well have cum dripping off their faces. That’s acceptable, but the word “fuck” isn’t? What year do you think this is? Your intrusive ads, your shameless self-promotion, and your site’s endless visual noise are far more offensive than anything I could ever write in words.

I’m not even going to go into how stupid, clunky, and generally shitty the rest of your website is compared to facebook where I’m NOT censored and they NEVER ask me for my money, but I will tell you that I’m absolutely fed up with your bullshit site. If, by tomorrow, I don’t get a letter of apology from you and permission to write whatever I want on my page I’m never going to your stupid site again. Not only that, I will also post this letter all over the internet and forever badmouth and mock classmates.com until your site goes under, which it absolutely will.

You people are retarded dinosaurs. Get with it.



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