We live in a very urgent time. There are multitudes of pressing issues at hand, some of which will determine the near future of our society and way of life, and some that will even determine the survival of our species on this planet. The world is running out of oil. Capitalism is crumbling and falling apart right before our eyes. There is a race between world powers to control the remaining sources of clean water in the world. There is a very real, very imminent, and very constant threat of nuclear war. The global climate is dramatically shifting in ways that will displace millions of people from their homes. Mexican drug lords by the hundreds are jumping our borders and kidnapping our citizens. There is a floating pile of human garbage the size of Texas swirling around the middle of the Pacific Ocean. And what are we concerned about? We, as a nation and a people, are concerned about Miss California’s response to an online question asking her what she thinks about gay marriage.

This is the main topic of discussion on the Fox News website. It is currently logging in about 43 responses every minute. As of noon Pacific Daylight Time on this April 20, 2009 there were 5,063 responses posted. Most of them are nearly unintelligible and replete with spelling and grammatical errors including quite a few by former beauty queens. About 30% are from religious fanatics quoting the bible. About half are sympathetic to Miss California (she didn’t win the title of Miss America and many believe it is because of her response, but once again, who cares?). But not one of the responses points out the absolute absurdity of the topic itself when placed against the backdrop what is actually going on in the world we live in.

This particular incident doesn’t amount to much when isolated, but when you compound it with all the other futile and ridiculous things our society seems to be concerned about it is cause for tremendous alarm.

Not two weeks ago Britney Spears was passing through town to perform a concert at the Tacoma Dome. The cover story of the local weekly was What Will Britney Do While She’s In Tacoma? Not, Why Isn’t Barack Obama Prosecuting Dick Cheney and George W. Bush For War Crimes And Treason?, or What Are We Going To Do When China Comes To Collect The Bill? These would seem to be far more pressing and newsworthy issues, but apparently they are not. Our culture has become so decadent and so superficial that we are on the verge of collapse. Perhaps the Fundamentalist Muslim psychos are not so far off when they call us a “Nation of Infidels”.

I am reminded of the times leading up to the French Revolution when the aristocracy was so self absorbed that certain members had 5 servants pouring liquid chocolate into their mouths while right outside their gates the peasants were starving and revolting. Eventually the gates crashed down and the French Aristocracy was brought to justice by the blade of the guillotine. Certainly our situation is not quite so lopsided, but the analogy is clear. How long before the rest of the world get’s fed up with us and “crashes the gates”? We won’t be able to ward off the mob forever, especially if what we’re concerned about is what the Jonas Brothers are wearing to dinner.

Wake up America. The bottom is dropping out. If we don’t start taking care of our shit we will be overrun by the hordes. Pretty soon we will be fighting in the streets over bullets and clean water. If you’re smart you will get a gun and learn to farm.


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