Saturday’s games made me look the fool.  What happened Atlanta?  How did you lose to the shoddy Cardinals?  What is going on?  And the Colts?  Why did you just lay down and die to the San Diego Chargers?  Where is your sense of dignity?  Seriously.  I’ve never understood the “Take a knee, we’ll get ’em in overtime” attitude.  It’s a poor showing.  Yeah, there were only 3 seconds on the clock and they were on their own 30 yard line but so what.  It was the Colts’ ball.  3 seconds is plenty of time to snap the ball and throw to the endzone.  You have to take the chance that it might get intercepted and run back.  You have to. Tony Dungee’s complete lack of balls is what lost the Colts that game and now, because of conservative coaching, the Colts’ season is over.

I hope Tom Coughlin and the New York Giants were taking notes because it’s going to be the same deal.  Philadelphia is coming in hot with guns blazing.  They won’t rest on their laurels which means that if the Giants are going to win, let alone cover the spread, they are going to have to play aggressive football.  It’s going to be a closer game than everyone seems to think.  It is a good game to bet Philadelphia and take the points.

Round 2 Picks

Baltimore @ Tennessee

The situation is similar here.  The Titans have the best Win Loss record in the NFL, but there is something missing isn’t there?  Maybe it’s because of their stupid powder blue uniforms, but for whatever reason I cannot take them seriously.  But you’d better believe that the Titans are taking the Ravens seriously after their brutal slaying of the AFC East Champion Miami Dolphins.  Yes folks, the same defense that held Miami to only 9 points will show up in Nashville to pound Kerry Collins into the ground.  He will get hit on every play and sacked on five of them.  By the end of Saturday’s game he will be more covered in bruises than a smart-mouthed housewife in Mobile.  Bet the Ravens and take the points.

Ravens by 2

San Diego @ Pittsburgh

I have a running bet against the San Diego Chargers and it is starting to get heavy.  They beat Denver in Denver.  Then they beat the Colts.  Now they’re going to Pittsburgh to face the cocky Steelers.  Pittsburgh better not believe their own press this week.  If anything will beat them it will be hubris.  My money’s on the Steelers, but there is no denying that the Chargers are hot right now.  Also Ben Roethlisburger is a moron.  Still, I hate the Chargers and the Steelers are the favorites.  Bet the blue chip on this one.

Steelers by 4

Philadelphia @ New York Giants

This could be a great upset.  At this stage in the game the Giants are my pick to win the whole thing, but this season has been so crazy that it may be the Cardinals versus the Chargers in the Super Bowl.  How lame would that be?

Giants by 1

Arizona @ Carolina

This one should be a solid beating southern style.  The Panthers should whip the Cardinals in every way possible.  They are smarter, faster, tougher, and more together.  But that’s exactly what I said about Atlanta and look what happened to them.  Kurt Warner may actually have Jesus on his side.  And he’ll need it to beat Carolina and the mighty Panthers who will score a lot of points this coming Sunday.

Panthers by 6


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