So, I was in my car and I thought to myself, I haven’t listened to mainstream radio in like 10 years. So I figured I’d tune into the “big” modern rock station and see what the teens are having shoved down their throats.  I was really curious.  Mainstream music has been so unlistenably bad since Hootie and the Blowfish first started poisoning the airwaves in 1995 that I’ve since completely tuned out for literally 10+ years.  I figured it was time to “check in” and “see what’s up”.

I didn’t expect much.  Mostly some 3rd generation emo/indie suck like Fallout Boy or The All American Rejects or some other sellout whores that drivel on with cliches about nothing over the same exact distorted guitar sound playing the same rehashed U-2 chord progressions as every other “indie” band for the last 7 years.

But I didn’t even get that.  I didn’t touch my radio dial for more than 8 minutes and I didn’t even hear the notion of any music at all.  All I heard was commercials and some dumb DJ telling me about music he’s maybe going to play someday  followed by more commercials.  It didn’t make any sense at all.

How do you get away with that?  Seriously.  More than 8 full minutes of nothing at all.  It blew my mind.  These poor kids.  You’re just raping them.  You truly suck.


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