As I was typing that last blog about the Jonas Brothers I misspelled the word “induced”.  I spelled it with an “e” at the beginning.  “Enduced”.  It’s a simple mistake that was caught by the little red squiggly underline.  I don’t like to misspell words…  especially on the internet… so I went to and typed “enduced”.  I was informed that “enduced” is not a word, but that “induced” is, so I clicked on “induced” just to make sure that I was using the right word.

I’m glad I did too because the first thing that I saw was not the definition for “induced”.  No, it was an advertisement for a website called “”  Would you like to see the advertisement?  Of course you would.  Here it is completely unchanged:


Bargain Prices.  Smart Deals.  Save on Induced!

I don’t know about you, but I’m going straight to to find out exactly how much I can save on Induced!


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