You know, I think I like the commercials on myspace if for no other reason than they give me endless ammunition to make fun of things.  Last week it was the Jonas Brothers.  The week before… Lenny Kravitz.  This week it’s Weezer, specifically Rivers Cuomo in an absolutely stupid-looking cowboy hat and the mustache of a gay insurance salesman.  This picture is so bad that it actually makes their music worse.  You know what?  I don’t even like the blue album anymore.  How about that?

Fuck you Rivers and your shitty “pop formula” that you created in a lab at Harvard.  Fuck you for being the antithesis of rock and going back to finish college after putting out a multi-platinum selling album.  Fuck you for riding the shitty emo bandwagon.  Fuck you for sucking more and more every single time you do anything.  And finally fuck you for looking like a complete asswipe on my computer screen.  I’m going to itunes right now and deleting all Weezer.  You suck.


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