Every four years almost every American I’ve ever known abandons all logic and reason and goes absolutely out of their minds.  It’s as reliable as the sun coming up and as predictable as guessing what the weather will be like in ten seconds.  Most of the time these people are sane and reasonable.  The general pattern to their thinking makes sense and their decisions are largely practical and sound.  But there’s something about a presidential election that causes vital functions to go haywire.  People start speaking in slogans and buzzwords.  They start arguing over minuscule and obscure things that don’t make any sense.  They use vague words and phrases like “economy” and “health care”.  Their eyes get blinded and their brains hypnotized by the flashing lights and the pomp.  They start waving flags like armchair quarterbacks on the day of the big game.  They start believing what politicians say and start forgetting what they did.  They gather together and spend tremendous amounts of energy, time, and money getting behind and supporting someone they’ve never met and don’t really know.  It is a strange and curious epidemic of madness that is so widespread that it is ignored and considered “normal”.

But it’s not normal.  It is extraordinarily dangerous.  The madness is dangerous because large mobs are dangerous.  It is dangerous because it confuses emotion with logic.  It is dangerous because it diverts attention from important things that really matter.  But most of all it is dangerous because the perpetrators themselves absolutely do not suffer from it.

Can you imagine what it must be like to wave your hand, or to utter a cheap slogan and have a million people cheer?  I’m surprised that these people can keep from breaking up and laughing in the nation’s collective face.  How could you be in that position and respect any of your constituents?  Those shysters behind those podiums know exactly how phony they are.  They know precisely how much bullshit they’re slinging and they are watching and laughing as people just gobble it up like the obese gobble fried chicken at an all-you-can-eat buffet.  It would be impossible to be in that position and see the public as anything more than suckers and rubes holding fistfulls of money, sheep lining up for fleecing, or cattle marching happily to the slaughter.

It’s amazing to me how it consistently keeps on working every four years without fail.  It astounds me to see people willfully and instantly forget how much they hated these very people even six months ago.  I am visibly shocked to witness people twisting and contorting before my eyes from smart thinking people into rubbernecked goofy chumps that pick a candidate and “stick with ’em” as though they were betting on a horse that they know for a fact will never even finish.

The psychosis would be understandable if even once they didn’t get burned, but they always do.  We always do. I’ve never in my life heard someone praise the president halfway through their term.  Never once.  But in election years, when the trumpets sound and the banners fly, when the politicos and their sycophants point and wave and smile through vaseline-slicked teeth, normal people that are pissed off at these lying stealing fucks start throwing love and money at them.  It doesn’t make any sense at all.  It is crazy.

Let me make something quite clear.  WE DO NOT LIVE IN A DEMOCRACY.  The votes on a federal level DO NOT COUNT.  The President of the United States of America is chosen by something called “the electoral college”.  An electoral college is a set of electors who are empowered to elect a candidate to a particular office.  In the United States of America with regards to the Presidency “the electors meet in each State on the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December.  A majority of 270 electoral votes is required to elect the President and Vice President.  No Constitutional provision or Federal law requires electors to vote in accordance with the popular vote in their State.

That quote is from the National Archives and Records Administration, or NARA.  That is the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT openly telling you your vote does not count.  Do you know any of the “electors” in your state?  Can you name one?  Do you know how they got there?  Who they know?  What their agenda is?  Do you honestly believe that for even a second the powers that be would even consider letting the Presidency of the United States of America, arguably the highest position of power in all the world, be chosen by a witless mob?  Do you honestly believe that the majority of the voting citizens of this country… more than half of everybody in all the land really and truly chose George W. Bush, a man who has consistently failed in all of his business endeavors, a man whose contemporaries and peers consider a prankster clown and a dunce, the spoiled and bratty son of George Herbert Walker Bush, former President, Vice President, Head of the C.I.A, and ambassador to China, to be President not only once, but twice?  Do you really believe in your heart that after letting New York City and the Pentagon blow up, overriding the Constitution, starting an endless war out of spite and based on false pretenses, robbing the treasury blind, and failing wholly and completely to help the entire populace of New Orleans recover from a massive hurricane that virtually destroyed the city and left a million people homeless, that after all of those miserable failures more than half of everybody said “Good work!” and voted him in for a second term?

You’re a fool and a sap if you do and you deserve to get reamed and fleeced by these charlatans.  If you can’t clearly see that both elections were fixed from the start and that Georgie was supplanted in his position by a vast and entrenched network of power then you are either the world’s biggest fool or are willfully blind.  Either way you should be stripped of any decision-making privileges you may have and be publicly shot.

That may sound cynical to you, and it may permeate the ugly stench of conspiracy theory, but that does not make it any less true.  Despite what you want to believe, despite the happy shiny Candy Land fantasy world you may want to live in, that shit is real.  The Freemasons are real.  Skull and Bones is real.  Bohemian Grove is real.  The people in the highest positions of power in the world are not random go-getters with ambition and a dream.  They are lineage.  They are royalty.  Their blood and heritage can be traced back to the pharaohs of Egypt and the Knights of Templar.  These are the same families that were the kings of England and France.  They are the ancestors of Julius Caesar.  They are the progency of Alexander the Great.  In their minds they are entitled to this power; chosen by God himself, and who are we to argue with them?  We are peasants and serfs in their eyes.  And if you think that these people won’t kill, torture, extort, cheat, lie, and steal to get what in their minds is rightfully theirs then you don’t understand the first thing about human nature or even basic survival on planet Earth.  They make the laws.  They invented laws.  They are the law.  And if you think you have any say at all in the decisions that they make then you might as well sign your paychecks over to Hilary Clinton and lay down in the street to die.

Barack Obama, if he isn’t shot and killed in the next month, will win the Presidency not because it’s what the people want, but because that’s who they chose.  The McCain campaign is a crazy joke.  No one in their right mind would let that guy run anything.  He’s a crazy old loon who is out of touch and probably as sick and diseased as a stray Mexican dog, but that shit doesn’t matter.  The reason he’ll never be President is because he isn’t likable.  And that, my friends, is the only thing that keeps the public from overrunning the gates and putting the rulers’ heads to the guillotines.  The President is a figurehead.  He is a scapegoat.  He is the face of the machine.  He is the “don’t look there, look here” trick that we all fall for over and over.

This is an important election year.  The nation is in a crisis and something needs to radically change if we, as a nation, are to survive.  Anyone with two eyes and a face knows that.  And if you or I know it, that means that they know it too.  Obama appears to be a grassroots politician that is in touch with the people because that is exactly what this country is overwhelmingly shouting for and demanding.  That is what the next face will be.  It will be friendly and charitable with a good spirit because the country needs it.  The last eight years have been an ugly free-for-all for every type of corruption, swindle, and ill-natured greedy grab by the same people that have been running the show for the last four decades.  It has been completely planned out.  Don’t believe me?  Take a look at George Bush’s cabinet.  Dick Cheney?  Donald Rumsfeld?  Those guys were Reagan’s cabinet too, and Nixon’s.  They’ve been there the whole time calling the shots since they killed Kennedy.

The first decade of this millenium will surely go down in history as one of the darkest and bleakest decades since the bubonic plague.  The only way to quell massive civil unrest is to dupe the people into thinking that the President is “on their side”.  Barack Obama’s “Blueprint for Change” will change some things, but those things would have changed anyway.  A sheep has a finite amount of wool you can fleece before you have to rest for a while and let it grow back.  Every farmer knows this and so does every politician.  Barack Obama will look like a hero that rescues this country from the brink of disaster just in the nick of time with fresh progressive ideas and eco-friendly sustainable methods.  What you won’t see is all the business as usual that will go on in the background behind the scenes.  All the restructured tax laws, all the corporate welfare, all the covert military ops.  You’ll hear words and phrases like “sacrifice” and “pitching in” and “doing our part” while taxes are raised and the cost of living skyrockets.  His plans for “nationwide healthcare” will go through, but the HMOs and the pharmaceutical and insurance companies won’t be left out of the loop.  Wal-Mart, AOL Time Warner, Viacom, and Haliburton will thrive just as they always have.  Nothing will really change.

I will vote for Barack Obama this November because I think he is currently the best man for the job, but I’m no sap.  I won’t give him any of my money, and I won’t do any of his work for him.  And in two years when all the rest of you are complaining about all the shitty things he’s doing I’ll remember when all of you were hailing him as a savior and a champion of justice and I’ll shake my head and say “I told you so.” just like I do every four years like fucking clockwork.


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