So I’m just cruising the interweb trying to get rich and I see a peculiar gentlemen walking past my window.

Let me preface this with a few examples of other peculiar things I’ve seen in Olympia.  I have seen a very small Vietnamese man in an expensive looking and well-tailored business suit riding a little girl’s pink bicycle complete with rainbow colored streamers on the handlebars and a pastel basket in the front that held his briefcase.  I have looked out my window on a Tuesday afternoon to see a clown in full makeup juggling and riding a unicycle past my house.  I have walked through downtown on a barren summer night to be accompanied by a fox that followed me closely for seven blocks.  I have seen a flock of seagulls band together to attack my garbage cans and turn my yard into a stage for a war with crows and a simultaneous feeding frenzy of trash.

But today I saw the newest, latest fashion:  Work boots, acid wash jeans, tan fleece jacket, ray bans, and a sars mask.  Eat your heart out Paris!


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