Wednesday, August 06, 2008

About two or three months ago I was at a Post Harbor show with Lindsay and I quoted Black Sheep. She not only didn’t know what I was talking about, she had never even heard of them. I resolved immediately to dig through my old CDs and bust “A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing” out for her. I got home and looked through everything I had, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Yesterday I found it while I was looking for a pen underneath a chair in the basement. I got super excited and set it aside. I ripped it this morning along with “Blowout Comb” by Digable Planets (which I also found accidentally). Damn I forgot how good that shit was.

Maybe I’m getting old, but these rappers today ain’t got nothin’ on Drez and Butterfly. It seems like all these rappers these days are all still trying to bite Puff Daddy. You know what I mean; that whole flashy gangsta shit that was a front in the first place. They’re all trying to act like they’re ice cold killaz even though they were born in a record label’s executive suite.

I mean I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest for 9 years, so I’m a bit out of touch. When I lived in LA and even Milwaukee I at least knew people first-hand that not only were all up in the rap scene, but had taste that I could trust. They did most of the work for me. Back then (and it’s probably still the same) the underground hip hop scene moved so fast that it was impossible to keep up with it if you didn’t live the life. No one that was legit gave a fuck about the mainstream MTV bullshit. I didn’t live the life (I’m no hip hopper), but I had close friends that did. When something new and fresh came along they would tip me off to it.

Up here it’s different. The rap scene in the Pacific NW is a sorry joke. The only worse rap I’ve ever heard is from France, and the chumps here are even into that bullshit. I mean what do we have? The Blue Scholars? Please. Those dudes are trying way too hard to convince me of how smart they are. They’re all trying to rap about the war in Iraq and shit, like they know what the fuck is going on over there. For god’s sake the Evergreen kids flipped over a cop car because of Dead Prez. Fuckin’ dumb-asses getting all riled up over a bag of wet chliches. It seems like all you have to do to get those kids fired up is say the words, “system”, or “Palestine”. Seriously. I hear so many people from up here talk shit about LA in one second and then turn right around and talk about how much they love that show where Brett Michaels is trying to buy a wife. It’s like they don’t even comprehend the irony. Meanwhile the Hollywood executives are laughing at all the suckers while rivers of money pour into their bank accounts. But I digress… was I talking about rap?

Yeah. I’m out of touch. I stopped paying attention to rap right around the time Missy Elliot kept reusing that same Knight Rider beat over and over. I’ve still got some hip hop friends, but they’re in New York, Milwaukee, and LA. I don’t talk to them often enough to keep up so I don’t bother. Maybe I’m missing out on some great shit, but if the phony-bolony nonsense I hear bumping from SUVs is any indication of what’s going on then I’ll just have to stay in the dark.

Clicks and whistles, man. Clicks and whistles.


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