Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I caught this article online:


Professional athletes usually choose to hit the mute button in their minds to block out the boos of a fickle fandom. But cornerback Ellis Hobbs had the volume turned up Sunday, when the New England Patriots were booed — and abandoned — by the fed-up Foxborough Faithful during a shocking 38-13 loss to the Miami Dolphins.

Tuesday, Hobbs took the opportunity to respond to the fans – and media – he felt overreacted to one poor performance by the Patriots, who sustained their worst loss at Gillette Stadium since it opened for business in 2002. The loquacious cornerback said the behavior was a testament to how spoiled fans have become by the team’s success and how quick they are to panic.

“It doesn’t hurt,” said Hobbs. “It amazes me, amazes me, how people react. You would think that this organization hasn’t won as much as they’ve won and hasn’t been successful in the years that they have. Expectations are that high that we’re not allowed a bad game or something like that. How many times has somebody had a bad day at the office? How many times has somebody missed a deadline and not gotten in the paper? Missing whatever, forgetting to fix their kids’ lunch?”


Hobbs is amazed! AMAZED! He can’t believe that the fans would be upset that they got spanked by the Miami Dolphins! He thinks the fans judged them too quickly, eh? “Just a bad day at the office” he sez. Was it just another “bad day at the office” when they lost the SUPER BOWL to a WILD CARD TEAM after an UNDEFEATED SEASON?

I’ll tell you who else had a “bad day at the office” that day. Every gambler on planet earth, that’s who. Ellis and his “office buddies” were caught with their pants down last February when they let a second-rate team snatch the title from them like a purse getting snatched from a rich tourist in Honolulu. He should be embarrassed. The whole franchise should be ashamed to leave their mansions. They should be pelted with rotten eggs and tomatoes when they are seen in public. Their neighbors should dump garbage on their lawns like Pittsburgh did to Tommy Maddox when he incompetently botched the Steelers’ 2002 season.

So Hobbs is surprised that fans are upset because the New England Patriots got beat… excuse me, DECIMATED at home by a team that is about as good at playing football as a blind man is at driving a school bus, eh?

Maybe you’re right, Hobbs. Maybe the fans should give you a break. After all, they did pay upwards of $70 to watch you fall apart like a house of cards in an earthquake last Sunday. After all the winning your franchise has done you deserve a little slacking off. Hell, why not take the whole season off and lose every game? You’ve earned it. After all, football is hard and you could be riding in your personal jet to a country that only rich people know about to be massaged by 19-year-old nymphomaniacs while drinking mai-tais in a luxurious day-spa.

The New England Patriots deserve to go 5-11 this year and all be fired. They’re the cockiest, most arrogant team in the NFL and they haven’t even realized that it’s costing them wins. How many more times do the Patriots have to be publicly humiliated before they even realize that it’s happening? Would it be enough if the backup squad of the Cleveland Browns pantsed them during the National Anthem? Would they realize they were being mocked if the Kansas City Chiefs smeared dogshit in their faces and then beat them by 40 points? Would they understand then that maybe the whole world doesn’t revere them as Gods simply for existing?

Maybe if Ellis and the rest of his day-trader buddies spent less time chattering at the water cooler and more time playing football then the fans would be a little nicer. Here’s to hoping you don’t even make the playoffs this year.

Fuckin prick.


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